Wednesday, June 3, 2015

The Kindle Project

After looking at my TBR pile in my kindle app, I decided action was needed!  I had hundreds of perfectly awesome books wasting away.  Thing is, I get indecision paralysis, coupled with extreme mother-tiredness, which means that when the kids are in bed I don't make decisions well about what to read.  Facebook easy; book hard - is what my brain tells me late at night, and this is so even when my recent reading for the past couple of years has been mostly zombie novels.

So I'm getting active on my TBR pile.  About a week ago, I started The Kindle Project.  I start at the beginning of my kindle pile, and read everything in the order they fall!  I'm trusting myself - if I bothered to put a book on my kindle app, I must have seen something in it that I might like.  So just read it!

Here's the first screen.  It's the first of 18 screen shots, so with a bit of overlap, it's still hundred of books.  I've seen a couple of double ups as well, so I'll delete those as I go.  I'm giving myself permission to not finish a book if it's eye-pokingly awful, but I have to give it a chapter or two at least first.  No skipping without a good reason.

I've got some wide ranging tastes here, and because these are at the very start of the pile, some have been on my to be read list for years (I'm looking at you, Sedaris).

One other thing, I had already started re-reading The Stand when I took the shot, it is officially the first book in The Kindle Project!  I'm already up to Thinking Fast and Slow!  I've been loving the Project so far, it's so easy not to have to decide what the hell to read next, and to kind of beat the "waaaa, I don't FEEL like it!" of books that require brain power.  

I'll be doing some reviews again here too, so it's been good for rekindling (get it?) the book thing in my brain.  See you round the blog!

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