About the Shaggy Dog

I'm a reader.  I blog very rarely about it here.

A few years back, I decided to overshare on the internet about books.  I was casting around for good stuff to read/something to do/distraction from having a (then) 2 year old, and came across the 1001 Books You Must Read Before you Die lists.  'Twas a match made in some kind of glow-y afterlife.  Enter: the blog you are reading now.  Which ended up not much being about said lists.  I'm not actually trying for the 1001 list now, but still use it for ideas now and then.

Today: I read stuff.  Then, sometimes, I write about it.  A mix of classics, 1001 list books, fiction of all types (including sci-fi, crime, thriller, horror), memoirs, non-fiction of a variety of types, and the backs of cereal boxes.  Oh, and zombies.  LOVE me a zombie book.  And I write about it here, mildly coherently.

In my non-fiction life I'm a parent/step-parent to three kids from 6 (and three quarters!) to 19, and I have a cute dog who you might recognise in my header.  I have 2 cats, too, but they aren't involved in the blog in any way.  I'm an academic by trade, of the legal sociological type, who is currently going back to legal practice...slowly.  Don't hold that against me.  You might like to learn more about my various meanderings at my life/family/rant blog: Memo To Self.

My cat "assisting" me with her butt.

I have never, ever, studied literature, and therefore my opinions are not rubber stamped by the establishment in any way.  They are largely pulled from my rear end.

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