Sunday, May 15, 2011

What do you read when you're not reading a book?

Blogs, of course!  It's trite but true to say that sometimes that ubiquitous "stuff" gets in the way of blogging, and reading.  I've read a grand total of two and a half books in the past month, and all of those were only 200 pages or so.  By which I mean I've read hardly anything.  Life had other plans.

But, I can still be spotted gadding about reading stuff on the iPad, so what on earth has distracted me during those dull quiet parenting moments?  

Why, blogs, of course! I sometimes worry at the number of blogs I'm subscribed to/following, it's nearing 400 *gasp*!  Here are a few gems from my feedreader:

I always get an interesting evening's clicking out of the link round ups at Kittling Books.

I love the poetry and life at a moon worn as if it were a shell; the thoughtful and insightful perspectives on children, development, and play at Teacher Tom, and the awesome sociological insights at Sociological Images.

I'm enjoying reading along with A Literary Odyssey, The Trick is to Keep Reading, and the New Dork Review of Books.

As for life, I want more of this:

And less of this:

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