Thursday, January 6, 2011

And so it begins: the 1001 Books List

Okay, so I've been eyeing this list for a while now, and during some thinking about blogging reading, and being in a reading rut, and generally wanting a blogging interwebz challenge, I decided (perhaps foolishly) to start on my 1001 Books you Should Read Before you Die list.  Well, actually, I did some research, and because there have been three editions of this book, there are actually 1294 books that have been on one or more of the lists.

So, which to pick!? I think, to be totally arbitrary, I'll go with the 2010 list, and for now, stick to books that have been an all the lists, so I can update if needed. 

I'm still going through the list to mark off those I've read, but I already know it's not as many as I thought.  Curse the relative lack of sci-fi, horror and supernatural literature!  :D 

I am going to set myself a reading goal for the year of 75 books.

I'll post my "I've read" boast list on the morrow.

Happy reading!

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