Friday, January 7, 2011 many books HAVE I read off the 1001 list?

Inquiring minds want to know...  Well, I'm quite sure I don't have any readers, yet, so perhaps it's just me.

Well, it all depends what list you're looking at.  There have been three editions of the 1001 book list, 2006, 2008 and 2010.  In each, some changes were made, books added in and some taken away.  So, the complete list of "books you should read" is actually now 1294 books long.  There are 714 books on the "core" list, that appear in each of the three editions. 

Using the different lists, this is me:

2006 = 148

2008 = 124

2010 = 123

Total 1294 = 151

Core = 120

That's not a bad number, I did most of this in the classics section, and with the few sci-fi/horror stuff on the list.  I'll copy over the books I've read later this week as a post.  I'm planning on writing a few reviews of past reads as well as reviews as I go.

**ETA - I found another one I've read, I figure there might be more, too - what can I say, it's a BIG list!**

Below is the stat box from the spreadsheet - you set a reading rate per month (I said 4 books a month which is relatively conservative for me), given it's averaged over a lifetime.  Sure, I read less at the moment, I have a 2 year old!  But in the past I was up at the 250 a year mark, so don't see why I couldn't do at least 100 a year, on average.

Now, I haven't quite decided which list I will use, either the full 1294 list (or however many there are by the time I finish :D, or the 2010 list, which is the current one at my start date.  So at the moment I am sticking to the Core books.  There are only 603 of those left!  Bah, is that all!!

I got this great spreadsheet at Arukiyomi's blog.  Invaluable stuff.  For a modest donation you can get the full version which does stats and all kinds of fun. 

Because you're 37 years old, female and from Australia, you're likely to die in another 46 years when you're 83. At your current reading rate, you could read 2236 books if you wanted to, so you're on target to read the remaining 1144 and finish your plan when you're 60 years old. That should give you plenty of time for some of life's other pleasures.

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