Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Elizabeth Gaskell Read A Long

Sounds just lovely, and as you can get this book for free as an e-read, cheap too!  Sign up here at Gaskell Blog.

I've read the first three chapters so far and am really liking it, it's a finely drawn story of a girl and her family.  At Gaskell Blog there are several great posts on the region, history and writing of the novel for the Day One Readalong, it's been great getting so much information about a book (so easily :D).

This one isn't on the 1001 list, the Gaskell books are North and South (which I've read) and Cranford (which I'm pretty sure I've read, but can't really remember for sure, so when that happened I left it as unread).  I'm hoping Cranford comes up as a readalong too.

At least it's a nice change from War and Peace, which I'm still wrestling with *sigh*.


Anonymous said...

Thank you for joining, Selene, glad to hear you're enjoying the novella so far! :)

I have many posts on Cranford I'd be so happy if you find them helpful while you're reading it.
The annotations section is what I worked hardest on: Cranford page.

Selene said...

Lovely! Thanks for the link, I've been really enjoying the readalong and your blog :D