Sunday, February 20, 2011

More pretties

I had a book voucher, courtesy of my awesome Mum, and spent it today.

I *heart* decent books about eating disorders, okay, that sounds strange, I can't say I *enjoy* it, but I...get a lot out of it, to use a clunky turn of phrase - and I have always liked Portia De Rossi, so was keen to get her memoir, it's why I got the voucher in the first place (birthday requests rock!).  The Penguin Classics are books that caught my eye, and Cold Comfort Farm is on my 1001 list.

Unbearable Lightness, Portia De Rossi
Cold Comfort Farm, Stella Gibson
Obernewtyn, Isobelle Carmody (despite being a sci-fi/fantasy lass, I've never read this! I was interested to see it on the Classics list.)

Nice pretties!  I wish I had a shelf to put you on, other than my piano in the spare room.

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